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What should I know about product liability cases?

The goods that are sold in this country are expected to be safe when they are used in the manner for which they are intended. When products are dangerous or defective, users can be injured. Those incidents can lead to product liability lawsuits. When these lawsuits are filed, they are based on specific laws that are meant to protect consumers.

Best Buy fined $3.8 million for product liability concerns

When a product that is already available to the consumer is found to be defective, a product recall is generally issued. This is done to protect the consumer and the company as well. Companies can be held responsible if their product causes harm to the consumer or his or her property. In New York, failure to issue the recall can cause product liability issues for the company.

Ice cream recalled due to product liability concerns

When a company produces a food item and sells it to a consumer, that company has an obligation to the consumer. The company is responsible for producing a product that is free of harmful contaminants. When a citizen of the state of New York purchases a food item, he or she is typically concerned about nutrition and taste rather than product liability issues.

Defective toys could mean product liability suits for McDonald's

The popular fast-food chain McDonald's might have had New York children's well-being in mind when it decided to include a fitness tracker in its Happy Meals product, but the execution apparently did not hit the mark. The Step-It wristbands allegedly caused serious injuries to dozens of children and warranted a nationwide recall. Product liability suits could soon be on the horizon for McDonald's as parents of injured children take necessary action to achieve compensation.

Twin's death prompts parents to file medical malpractice claim

Expecting twins can be an overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, out-of-state parents who delivered their children in a state neighboring New York suffered through something far worse than two newborns crying at the same time. In a medical malpractice claim filed against the hospital and the attending medical staff, the parents claim that one of their twins died because of negligence.

Defective jogging stroller could lead to product liability claims

Jogging strollers are a popular baby shower item for parents who still plan to live active lifestyles once their children are born. Unlike standard strollers, jogging strollers are usually equipped with different, sturdier wheels and greater maneuverability. Most New York parents feel safe when placing their child in a jogging stroller, but some of that trust might have been misplaced. Pacific Cycle recently issued a recall for its popular brand of jogging strollers, and the company might soon have to face an onslaught of product liability suits.

Product liability suit filed after Anton Yelchin's death

Star Trek fans in New York and across the rest of the country mourned Anton Yelchin's recent and untimely death. The actor, who rose to stardom for his portrayal of Chekov in the 2009 film "Star Trek," was killed by his own vehicle. Since his death, a class-action product liability suit has already been proposed, an action that some hope holds Fiat Chrysler Automobiles responsible.

OSHA Releases New Communication Tower Directive

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recently released an updated directive related to workers performing construction work on communication towers. The new directive expands the responsibilities of contractors using hoists to lift personnel up the towers in an effort to improve construction worker safety. The new directive comes after a sharp increase in communication tower worker fatalities. In 2013 alone, there were twice as many communication tower fatalities as there were in the previous two years combined, and 2014 is on pace to match that number. The new directive is also interesting in relation to the ongoing debate about New York's "Scaffold Law," a law that makes contractors liable for worker injuries suffered during elevated work. 

Workers' Compensation and Civil Lawsuits in Construction Accidents

Workers' compensation and civil lawsuits are both legal protections put in place to help protect employees in the event they are injured on the job. However, the two function very differently. They work through different processes and often lead to different payouts. Additionally, most people are only eligible for one or the other. These distinctions are particularly important to construction workers because the types of construction accidents, along with their frequency that they experience on the job, can often make them eligible for one of these remedies. 

Older Pedestrians at Greater Risk in Accidents

While New York streets pose a danger to pedestrians, new research reveals that the danger many not be the same for everyone. A study, conducted by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, analyzed crash data from downstate New York along with New Jersey and Connecticut. It was discovered that older pedestrians are at a much greater risk than younger bystanders for fatal injuries stemming from pedestrian traffic accidents. The study came to this conclusion after analyzing crash data from the past 10 years and looking for geographic and demographic based trends. 

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