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Not a construction worker? You're still in danger

One thing all New Yorkers are familiar with is a construction site. Every day you walk under scaffolding on at least one block during your morning commute to work. There is always a new building going up or an old one under renovation.

Undocumented workers can seek fair compensation after an injury

When a construction site accident or other kind of workplace accident occurs, undocumented workers may be led to believe that they should not report the injury. This is unfair treatment and no one should have tolerate it.

The General Motors $900 Million Penalty In The Fatal Defect Cover Up Cases Seems Unjust To Many Observers

There have been 124 deaths attributed to the defective cars made by General Motors to date. The automobile manufacturer has admitted that as early as 2004, it knew that many of the cars it was putting on the road contained defective ignition switches. G.M. has now admitted that by 2012 it had concluded that the defect in the 2.6 million cars could cause the airbags to fail. However, notwithstanding the knowledge of the fatal risks, the Company concealed this information; and did not institute a recall until two years later, in order to increase sales.

Wrongful Death Construction Accidents In New York City Are At The Highest Levels In The Years

After a 12-ton heating and air conditioning unit tumbled 30 stories earlier this month in Manhattan, attention has been given to the rising rate of construction accidents in New York City

One Year Separates Victims Of Avoidable Tragic Buildings Explosions

The building explosion and related building fires on the lower east side of Manhattan in New York City yesterday represents another tragic example of the damage to the human lives of the injured; and to the lives of their loved ones, that can occur when required safety practices are ignored by those in a position of responsibility. It was a little more than a year ago that a similar event claimed numerous victims in East Harlem New York. 

Councilman Pushes for Lower Park Speed Limit after Pedestrian Death

A recent pedestrian death in Central Park has led to a new campaign by City Councilman Mark Levine to reduce speed limits and cut down on speeding in New York City parks. The current speed limit is 25 mph, but many groups believe that a lower park speed limit of 20 mph would be more appropriate. The pedestrian's death has also led to a variety of other responses, including one from a group known as Right of Way, a group of cyclists who advocate for pedestrian safety. That group recently posted a set of fake speed limit signs throughout the park, advocating for a similar reduction in speed. 

Using Black Box Data in Car Accident Proceedings

In the last few years, there has been a new technological trend that will revolutionize the way in which parties involved in civil proceedings will be able to litigate personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. The new technology, known as the "black box" and utilized for years in the aviation industry, is being installed in newly manufactured motor vehicles in the United States. It is estimated that about 96 percent of these new vehicles have the technology. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed legislation to have the black boxes mandatorily installed in all new vehicles this coming year. 

Gas Leak Explosion Levels Two Apartments in East Harlem: Was NYC's Self-Certification Practice the Culprit?

On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, two buildings containing 15 apartments collapsed after an explosion that was thought to be a product of a water main collapsing on a gas line in East Harlem. These two buildings are recorded as the ninth and tenth buildings in Harlem since 2008 to have collapsed due to poor and dilapidated infrastructure. The gas line that linked the two buildings, as reported by the New York Times, was installed in 1887 and made of leak-prone, fragile cast iron, the same material that has been used in one third of the gas lines in New York City. 

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