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A multitude of injuries are possible in car wreck

Motor vehicle crashes are serious matters, even when they don't seem to be that serious. The problem is that there are three distinct impacts that occur in a wreck. The first is the car-on-car impact. The second is the object-to-body impact. The third is the organ-to-body impact. The two that can lead to injuries are the second and third.

What are the distracted driving laws in New York?

It's astonishing how many times you will see a vehicle up ahead of swerving around in their lane. You probably immediately think that the driver must be intoxicated in some way, but as you pull up along the side of them to make your passing move, you notice a ghostly white glow illuminating the driver's seat. And, of course, the driver's head is down, only occasionally popping up for a brief moment to check on the traffic in front of them.

New Law Punishes Motorists Who Strike Pedestrians

A recent traffic accident involving a pedestrian at the corner of Astoria Boulevard and 80th Street highlights the importance of new traffic law designed to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. The new law is a part of the mayor's Vision Zeroprogram-a program that is attempting to bring traffic fatalities in New York City down to zero.

Possible Defendants in Traffic Accidents

The traditional view of a traffic accident is limited to a collision between drivers, with one or the other at fault. While this understanding of traffic accidents covers many different types of crashes, some crashes are not the fault of either driver. For instance, some crashes are the result of design or manufacturing defects on the part of automobile companies, which resulted in an unsafe product. Injuries from these sorts of crashes may be best addressed through products liability actions against the manufacturer. Other crashes may occur because of the road itself, perhaps due to poor road maintenance or design. In these instances, the victims may have a claim against the municipality itself for failing to provide properly safe roads. 

Federal Case Helps Accident Victims to Recover from Trucking Companies

On July 31st, a federal judge in the Western District of New York reinterpreted a Congressional law to make it easier for truck accident victims to recover from trucking companies for injuries caused by accidents with the companies' trucks. The law in question was the Graves Amendment to the Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Act. This Amendment allows companies that rent vehicles to avoid liability for any accidents caused by the person driving a rented vehicle. The New York federal judge ruled that this Amendment did not protect trucking companies from liability for the mistakes of their truckers. 

Steps to Take after a Traffic Accident

Traffic accidents are some of the most common ways that people find themselves interacting with the legal system. In fact, according to a report by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there are almost 70,000 traffic accidents every year in New York City alone. Despite the prevalence of these accidents, many people do not know the proper steps to take immediately after a traffic accident. It is important to understand that people have a legal duty to remain on the scene after an accident, so it is important not to flee. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple things people can do right after the accident occurs to ensure their own safety and to prepare for any legal consequences of the accident. 

Substance Abuse and Truck Accidents

Truck drivers face a work environment based largely around endurance. The longer drivers stay on the road, the more time they spend earning money. However, this push to endure leads to serious physical and emotional stresses. These stresses can thus create a temptation to begin abusing alcohol or other drugs during the drive to either cope with physical pain or to stay awake longer. This temptation can cause dangerous situations on the road and can put the lives of the truck drivers as well as other drivers in danger. A 2013 study examined this problem of truck driver substance abuse on a global scale and found some disturbing trends.

NYC Distracted Driving Injuries and Prevention

Recent efforts across the country to combat distracted driving are in full force in New York City. According to a news story from ABC 7 New York, a recent initiative focused on putting a stop to texting while driving and other distractions that can result in deadly car accidents.
The city-wide initiative aimed to reduce serious distractions that plague drivers when they are behind the wheel. Whether it is sending a text message, talking on a cell phone, or simply inputting information into a GPS device, these distractions can cause serious car accidents. 

Using Black Box Data in Car Accident Proceedings

In the last few years, there has been a new technological trend that will revolutionize the way in which parties involved in civil proceedings will be able to litigate personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. The new technology, known as the "black box" and utilized for years in the aviation industry, is being installed in newly manufactured motor vehicles in the United States. It is estimated that about 96 percent of these new vehicles have the technology. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed legislation to have the black boxes mandatorily installed in all new vehicles this coming year. 

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