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High speed big rig crashes are often catastrophic

Semitrucks on the highway sometimes don't obey the speed limits that are posted for them. This can lead to serious problems for everyone on those roads because these large, heavy vehicles might cause an accident because of that excessive speed. Unfortunately, these high-speed crashes are likely going to be very serious.

Plan your steps after a semitruck crash

There are many things that might go through your mind when you are struck by a semitruck. One of these is that you need to do get first responders to the scene. You can do this by dialing 911 and telling the dispatcher what happened. Be prepared to answer questions about your location and whether you need medical care or not. If there are any injured parties at the scene, you will need to get paramedics to come out.

This truck safety upgrade could save hundreds of lives annually

Semitrucks cause countless accidents every year and many of them are fatal. The problem relates to the sheer size of an 18-wheeler. The typical automobile doesn't stand a chance against such a giant vehicle. However, safety researchers are always investigating new technology to make big rigs safer. One piece of technology is the "underride guard," which safety advocates believe could prevent hundreds of deaths per year if lawmakers passed new legislation to require them on semitrucks.

Devastating impacts of semitruck crashes can't be ignored

You shouldn't ever have to be the person who deals with the financial implications of another person's actions. Unfortunately, when you are involved in a semitruck crash, it might seem like you will have to do just that. These accidents are often very serious and can lead to life-altering injuries that require extensive medical care and healing time. We know that you couldn't adequately plan for this type of event occurring in your life.

Holiday shipping can mean more semitrucks on the roads

The holiday shipping season is upon us. This means that semitrucks will be out in full force over the upcoming months. While many of these truckers are safe drivers, there are some who are lax when it comes to safety. Innocent people can suffer from grave injuries when commercial drivers aren't driving in an appropriate manner.

Planning your claim when fatigue is a factor in a semitruck crash

Truckers have to drive for hundreds of miles per shift. While there are laws in place to prevent them from driving over a specific number of hours between rest breaks, there is a still a chance that some truckers will become fatigued, even when they are in compliance with these time limits.

Not everything that distracts truckers is blatantly obvious

Truckers who aren't giving their full attention to the road can cause a crash that seriously injures innocent victims. There are many different things that can take a trucker's focus off of driving. It is easy to focus on the readily obvious distractions like cellphones; however, these aren't the only ones that exist.

Take action after big rig crashes occur

Semi-truck drivers need special licensing to operate these large vehicles. In order to get this, they have to show that they can safely operate the rig. Even though this is the case, many truckers start to get lax on safety standards after they have been driving for a while. This is a troublesome situation because these same drivers might end up causing a crash.

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