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You have the right to expect to purchase safe products

Buying a product that is being marketed to consumers shouldn't be a gamble with your life. When you do suffer an injury due to a product, your first priority is going to be getting medical care. Once you do that and know that you are on the mend, you might explore your options for seeking compensation.

Product liability claims can come from defective gifts

The Christmas season is here, which means that people will buy gifts for others. When you are shopping, you likely expect that the stores are only selling safe items. You don't want anyone to suffer an injury due to your gift. Unfortunately, products might seem safe when you purchase them but it is later discovered that there is something unsafe about it. We know this isn't what you want to happen, but you should be prepared if there is an unsafe gift exchanged.

Factors to consider when seeking compensation for an injury

We recently discussed one of the hazards of electronic cigarettes. If you recall, the victims of these e-cig explosions suffered some very serious injuries. There really isn't any reason for someone to have to deal with the catastrophic injuries that occur simply because the manufacturers don't have a safe product on the shelves.

Electronic cigarettes can explode and cause serious injuries

Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs or vapes, are touted as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. This is proving not to be the case thanks to safety issues with the devices themselves. Even if you don't look at the ingredients in the cartridges, you will still find something very unsafe.

5 important vehicle recalls for consumers to check

It seems as though there isn't any shortage of recalls in the news recently. From food and toys to vehicles, consumers have to be vigilant about everything they are using just because of the risk of a recall. There are several vehicle recalls that came out recently that drivers should be aware of.

Reminders to use caution with all products keep popping up

The news has been full of recalls lately. Some of these that have to do with food are very scary. They are a stark reminder that you have to be careful with everything that you purchase these days. We understand that most people are naturally cautious, but even things that seem harmless and healthy might be impacted by recalls.

Product liability cases are usually based on negligence

People who are injured by a product might opt to file a product liability lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is based strictly on state law because there aren't any federal laws that pertain to this type of lawsuit. There are several points about product liability cases that might interest people who have suffered harm from a product.

Know the components of a product liability claim

Being harmed by any product, whether it is a toy, a power tool or something else, is a hard situation for anyone. You have to get the medical care that you need to ensure that you are going to be able to heal as well as possible from your injuries. On top of that, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation for the accident.

Injuries from unsafe products can adversely affect your life

When you assume that products aren't dangerous if they are being used as intended, you might find that you are wrong. If a trusted brand fails and injures you, it's a breach of trust. You can be left with horrible injuries as a result of some defective product.

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