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When a Child is Attacked at School. Who is Responsible?

As reported in the New York Daily news, a 16-year-old high school student, Stephauan Powell, and his mother are suing Lehmann High School in the Bronx for $5.5 million in damages, claiming that the school and the Department of Education failed to protect the 16-year-old from intentional violence on school property. 

What is the Price Tag of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?: Invoking Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

After a tragic car accident, everyone who has been involved should be examined and treated for any physical injury that they have sustained as a result of the accident.

Gas Leak Explosion Levels Two Apartments in East Harlem: Was NYC's Self-Certification Practice the Culprit?

On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, two buildings containing 15 apartments collapsed after an explosion that was thought to be a product of a water main collapsing on a gas line in East Harlem. These two buildings are recorded as the ninth and tenth buildings in Harlem since 2008 to have collapsed due to poor and dilapidated infrastructure. The gas line that linked the two buildings, as reported by the New York Times, was installed in 1887 and made of leak-prone, fragile cast iron, the same material that has been used in one third of the gas lines in New York City. 

Study Shows Metro-North More Concerned with On-Time Performance than Safety

Another fatality associated with Metro-North Railroad is added to the list of tragic accidents that have occurred on the railroad line in the last year. James Romansoff, a Metro-North Railroad worker, was struck and killed while working on the tracks on Monday, March 10, 2014.
This accident follows at the heels of a few other devastating railroad accidents: the May 17, 2013 accident in Bridgeport Connecticut where 50 people were injured and over $18 million in costs and damages were sustained; the May 28, 2013 accident where a train moving at 70 mph struck an employee who was performing railroad maintenance; the July 18, 2013 accident near Spuyten Duyvil Station where a train derailed causing significant property damage; and finally, the most recent in December 2013, when a Hudson line train derailed and left 4 people dead, injured 70, and caused about $8 million in costs and damages.
This last string of accidents, including the tragic December 2013 Hudson derailment, has led to the investigation and release of a study of Metro-North Rail safety culture and recommendations for the railroad line on how to improve on its safety procedures and policies. 

Consolidated Edison to Take the Lead on Extreme Weather Maintenance

In the last couple of years, New York City has suffered a substantial amount of hardship coming from extreme weather. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 impacted the city in a significant way, as it leveled many areas of New York and New Jersey, and infrastructure in these affected areas was damaged and destroyed, leaving many property owners forced to deal with dangerous premises as a result.
And in light of this, a major settlement was brokered between New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) and Consolidated Edison (known as "ConEd"), New York City's primary utility supplier, which will put the responsibility of preparation for any future extreme weather onto ConEd.

Dog Attacks: When a Bite is Worse than a Bark

In the past, dogs have been one technique to provide aggressive security in the home, when other measures like alarms are considered passive and only alert authorities. However, alarms are not the type that will get owners thrown into jail or stuck with a substantial settlement fee. There have been many news articles surrounding attacks by vicious dogs through New York City, and it is a terrible fate for those who suffer inadvertently for an attack.
One such incident involved a 115-pound bull mastiff, which attacked two 13-year-old boys; one of the boys was found dead hours later. Another recent story involved a dog in Chelsea who, in the last two years, has bitten eight people. The Health Department is currently determining what will be the future of the dog: whether it will be required for the dog to be muzzled or even relocated. 

New York City Taxicabs Receive Extension for Compliance with Wheelchair Accessible Settlement Agreement

New advancements have taken place in a major class-action lawsuit settled in November 2013, which was brought by the Taxis for All Campaign against New York City. The lawsuit was brought against the city because it was in violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act for not providing enough wheelchair accessible taxis within its limits.
The agreed upon settlement agreement provided that, by 2020, at least half of the city's 13,000-taxicab fleet would be accessible to wheelchair users. Because the life of most taxicabs only extends from three to five years, the deal requires that as older taxis are retired, taxis that are wheelchair accessible need to be put into service until the 50 percent minimum standard is compliant with the agreement.
It is up to New York's Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to adopt the standards and rules that would comply with the settlement agreement.
However, on February 27, 2014, a federal judge agreed to permit a delay in the publication of the new accessibility rules, as well as the subsequent public hearing, so that city lawyers could collaborate and consult with the medallion taxi owners on the appropriate standards that should be put into place. The delay was also due in part to Mayor Bill De Blasio's taking office in January. 

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