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Construction Site Accidents and Child Safety Concerns

Construction sites can be hazardous to workers on the job, but they can also pose dangers to people in the immediate area of construction. A recent Manhattan construction accident highlights the potential for serious and catastrophic injury. 

The Basics of No-Fault Insurance in New York

New York has created a system by which "minor" personal injury causes of action that arise from motor vehicle accidents can be screened. It is mandatory that all drivers of motor vehicles purchase insurance that contains liability coverage, as well as the no-fault provisions set out in Article 51 of the New York Insurance Law.
The purpose of no-fault insurance is to protect New York drivers who have been injured in car crashes from having to pursue lengthy litigation and negotiation processes in order to collect damages for their injuries. 

Permissive Use Doctrine in New York

When involved in a car accident in New York, there are many initial concerns that you may have after the collision. Personal injury and property damages need to be assessed, the facts of the story leading up to the collision need to be determined and reported, and finally, you need to decide whether or not you would like to recover damages from the person who was responsible for the accident. Though no-fault insurance plays a major role in recovery, this type of insurance requires that the parties involved not only have the insurance but are covered by it up to the maximum amount. The analysis of your case gets more difficult when the driver is not the owner of the vehicle; in this case, can you recover from the driver, the owner, or both? 

When a Child is Attacked at School. Who is Responsible?

As reported in the New York Daily news, a 16-year-old high school student, Stephauan Powell, and his mother are suing Lehmann High School in the Bronx for $5.5 million in damages, claiming that the school and the Department of Education failed to protect the 16-year-old from intentional violence on school property. 

The Tenant Blacklist: Are You On It?

Looking for housing in New York City can be a daunting task; it is hard to find the right balance between price, neighborhood, school districts, and even transportation that will make your life as easy and affordable as possible for you and your family. What you might not know is that you might be on a tenant blacklist that could make it almost impossible for you to rent your perfect apartment (or for that matter, any apartment).
It is common knowledge that building owners or landlords will ask prospective tenants for their housing applications, credit scores, and other information, which will help them assess how desirable (and reliable) you are as a tenant. However, what might not be common knowledge is that landlords have access to a tenant screening report, which is a tenant consumer report showing the tenant's housing court record.

Understanding Potential Damages Following NY Medical Malpractice

New York is filled with some of the best and brightest professionals in the medical community. However, not all doctors and nurses are alike, and even those with great skill are capable of making mistakes or oversights. When that happens and a patient is harmed unnecessarily, then under the civil law, the patient (and their family) may be able to receive compensation for their losses.
One common question that local residents have in the aftermath of medical malpractice involves the specific type of recovery. What damages are you entitled to receive? 

When Mean Girls Attack: The School's Role in Bullying

In a study recently conducted by the New York Health Department, it was estimated that 18 percent (almost one in five) of students in New York City public high schools have been the victims of some type of bullying or harassment.
Bullying within the school walls and cyberbullying, the use of the Internet, web site, or texts to abuse the victim, have had a significant impact on victims, especially seen in the last two years, when two students, who had been bullied, committed suicide. The study shows that one in six victims of this type of abuse tried to take their own lives; this rate being 2.5 times more likely than students who were not bullied. Race did not seem to be a significant factor in the bullying as victims classified as Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians all were victimized at a similar percentage, between 16 to 20 percent. With regards to gender, the percentage of children who were bullied on school grounds was more or less the same, whereas girls were more likely to be cyber-bullied than their male counterparts (13 percent as compared to 9 percent, respectively). 

What is the Price for Love?

When a loved one gets into a car accident and is seriously and permanently injured, the family will be forever changed by the injury. Not only may the loved one no longer be able to work or move around in the same way, but he or she may act or see the world differently than before. An injured spouse can change the entire dynamic of the marital relationship, especially if the injured spouse requires a certain level of care and/or can no longer live in the same capacity as before the injury.
When deciding whether to enter into a suit against the party who injured your spouse, there are a variety of actions that you may decide to take. It is, however, possible for you, as a non-injured spouse, to have your own legal remedies, especially if the accident changes your marital life completely. This right of action, as recognized by New York law, is known as a "Loss of Consortium." 

Attractive Nuisance: Recovery for Children Injured on Private Premises

Parents constantly worry about the antics that their teenagers and children get into when they are not under their surveillance and supervision. This was certainly true for the family of a New Jersey teenager, Justin Casquejo, who snuck out of his home at 4 a.m., went to the base of the 1 World Trade Center, and entered the construction site through a tiny hole (12 inches by 12 inches) in the exterior fence. He proceeded to scale the outside scaffolding of the building and managed to enter the building on the sixth floor. The elevator operator then permitted the teenager to ride up to the 88th floor.
Casquejo took the final ascent to the 104th floor from the stairs, and, slipping past a sleeping security guard, made his way to the top of the roof and scaled to the top of the antenna. He was on top of the tallest building in the United States for almost two hours snapping photos before he was finally discovered and arrested. If Casquejo had been injured in some way, however, it would be possible that the building owners would be liable. 

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