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Falls at construction sites can lead to serious injuries or death

Construction workers are at a high risk of falling. In fact, this is the greatest risk that they face. It is also the number one cause of fatal accidents in the industry. It is imperative that all construction companies take proper steps to ensure that their workers remain safe if they are working from any height above ground level.

Falls from heights can kill construction workers

Construction workers face a host of hazards while they are doing their jobs. One thing that they shouldn't ever have to worry about is not having the safety equipment they need. The labor laws in New York set up specific requirements for construction companies. These standards help ensure that workers are safe.

Injured construction workers might be able to file a lawsuit

Construction workers who are injured at work often have a difficult road to recovery. In some cases, this comes with considerable time off that can mean income suddenly stops. This can make covering bills difficult until the income is started again.

Construction injury cases must be planned carefully

Construction injuries are serious matters that can greatly impact a worker's future. It is imperative that any construction worker who suffers an injury on the job learns about the options he or she has for seeking compensation. It might surprise you to know that you may have a choice.

Ladder safety at construction sites must be a priority

People who are going to use a ladder for any project must ensure that they are using the proper safety measures so they can minimize the risk of falls. There are many different things to consider when you are using a ladder, so anyone working with them must take the time to learn the proper safety protocol.

Construction accidents often have horrific results

The number of construction accidents that make the news is troubling. In many of these cases, proper protocol and safety guidelines could have prevented the incidents. This is one of the points that makes these accidents so tragic. These men and women came to work with the intent of earning their pay and then going home to their family members at the end of their shift.

Fall risks are great for construction workers

Construction workers don't have an easy job. They work out in the elements, with dangerous equipment and face several risks each time they report to work. Yet, they continue to go into work because they need to earn a living and because they know people are counting on them.

Construction site safety can't include cutting corners

Construction workers deserve just as much on-the-job safety as anyone else has. Unfortunately, the cost of these safety precautions might lead some construction companies to cut corners on safety. This isn't ever acceptable. There is no good reason for a worker to suffer from an injury that could have easily been prevented with proper safety measures. We understand that construction injuries are particularly devastating for these workers.

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