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Protect your interests after a big rig crash

If there is one thing that anyone who has been hit by a big rig can say, it is that the experience was a scary one. You might not realize just how serious the situation is at first. It might all seem like a nightmare instead of reality, but you need to try to snap yourself out of the foggy mental state so that you can focus on what you are doing.

Truckers must drive very safely in the snow

Driving on wintry roads is something that is difficult, especially for drivers of semitrucks who face unique challenges when driving even if the roads are completely clear. All drivers need to take the time to brush up on how to drive safely in the winter weather. Taking a few extra minutes to learn about the challenges that truckers face might help other motorists avoid doing anything that might lead to a crash.

Hold trucking companies accountable when necessary

Have you ever seen a big rig speeding and thought about what the trucker might be rushing for? After all, these truckers get paid to just sit and drive from one place to another. While trucking might seem like a pretty straightforward occupation, this isn't really the case.

Plan semitruck crash injury cases carefully

Semitruck crashes can lead to devastation. A large semitruck moving at highway speeds is like a deadly weapon. When one of these large trucks becomes uncontrollable, accidents might occur. A small personal vehicle that is smashed by a semitruck likely won't provide too much protection for the occupants. We understand how much the accident might impact your life and the life of each family member who counts on you.

Send a message about the inappropriateness of trucker fatigue

Accidents that pit a passenger vehicle against a semitruck are oftentimes very serious. These accidents can lead to severe injuries that can affect the victims and their family members for years to come. In our previous blog post, we discussed how there are many causes of trucker fatigue that can contribute to accidents. These causes are often preventable, which makes the accident seem even worse.

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