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Slip-and-fall accidents happen because of negligence

You had a busy morning and it was your goal to get back to your hotel as fast as possible. You're in town for a short time, so you want to make sure you get to see as much of New York as you can. Sadly, as you walked into your hotel, you slid on the wet ground in the entrance. The tile, wet from melting snow, wasn't marked, and you fell, hard.

Take action if you are injured on another person's property

Being injured on another person's property doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cover all of the expenses of the accident. Instead, you do have the option of seeking compensation for the injuries that you suffered. You can do this through the property owner's home insurance or you might need to just take the claim to the civil court system.

Property owners must clear sidewalks in New York City

This is the time of year when pedestrians are at risk of slipping and falling on sidewalks because of the wintry precipitation. It is imperative that property owners clear the sidewalks in a timely manner so that pedestrians can remain safe. The responsibility to clear sidewalks isn't just for private property owners. Municipalities and government agencies also have a duty to ensure that the sidewalks on their property have a suitable path for people who are walking.

Take a stand if you are hurt shopping this holiday season

The holiday shopping season means that a trip to any store might be a test in patience for you. The stores are likely going to be very busy as people try to get what they need for the meals and gift exchanges that are coming. It is imperative that you take the time to make sure you are safe as you shop.

Slip-and-fall injuries can be inconsequential or severe

Slip-and-fall accidents in public places are often minor incidents that don't require the person to seek medical care. In some cases, these accidents can lead to very serious injuries that can cause lasting issues. Think about the devastation that might occur if an elderly person falls on a slippery spot and breaks a hip or if a child slips on a wet spot and suffers a head injury.

Indoor slip-and-falls aren't caused only by wet floors

One of the previous posts here discussed how slip-and-fall accidents can be very serious. The sad fact here is that anyone who goes into stores or businesses, as well as those who work outside of the home, are all at risk of these types of accidents. The risk increases if proper safety precautions aren't taken.

3 reasons lead paint is a risk to your children

Lead paint is a poison. Exposure to lead paint leads to several different health concerns. For instance, lead poisoning can lead to irritability or a loss of appetite. In more serious cases, it has the potential to cause developmental delays in children. It has the potential to cause seizures. Women who ingest or are exposed to lead before giving birth have a risk of giving birth prematurely, giving birth to a child with a low birth weight or having a baby with slower growth than normal.

What should I know about parking lot injuries?

When you are injured in a parking lot, there are a lot of things that might go through your mind. Obviously, some of the first thoughts you might have are to get medical care for the injuries you suffered. This is especially important when you are seriously injured. Once you have gotten the medical care you need, you might wonder if you have any legal options for seeking compensation for your injuries. In many cases, you do.

Children's curiosity can lead them to harm

Parents have to keep a close eye on children, especially during those early years when the children are curious about everything under the sun. While it is easy to assume that the parents should never let the child out of their sight, there are sometimes cases in which the child will slip out of the view of even the most watchful parent. In those cases, there is a chance that the child's natural curiosity will lead them to harm.

Jury awards over $1.7 in premises liability slip and fall case

Retail stores have a responsibility to provide a safe shopping environment for their customers. When a customer walks into a store in New York, he or she expects to be able to safely maneuver through the store, locate the desired items, complete the purchase and leave the store. If conditions within the store are such that a customer becomes injured, it is possible that the customer will have a legitimate premises liability claim.

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