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Con Edison And New York City Are Both Faulted For The Deadly Building Explosion In East Harlem

After a comprehensive investigation, the Federal regulators of The National Transportation Safety Board have concluded that blame for the multiple wrongful deaths; and devastating personal injuries, suffered in an explosion that destroyed two 5-story apartment buildings in East Harlem, New York, must be assigned to both the City of New York and to Con Edison.

Trial Lawyers Protect the Public

General Motors has admitted knowledge of at least 150 fatalities resulting directly from the faulty ignition switches that were installed during its manufacturing process. The company has committed to paying money damages for personal injuries and wrongful deaths in each of these cases. In addition the company has admitted to knowledge of at least 143 additional personal injury victims due its negligence.

One Year Separates Victims Of Avoidable Tragic Buildings Explosions

The building explosion and related building fires on the lower east side of Manhattan in New York City yesterday represents another tragic example of the damage to the human lives of the injured; and to the lives of their loved ones, that can occur when required safety practices are ignored by those in a position of responsibility. It was a little more than a year ago that a similar event claimed numerous victims in East Harlem New York. 

Workers' Compensation and Civil Lawsuits in Construction Accidents

Workers' compensation and civil lawsuits are both legal protections put in place to help protect employees in the event they are injured on the job. However, the two function very differently. They work through different processes and often lead to different payouts. Additionally, most people are only eligible for one or the other. These distinctions are particularly important to construction workers because the types of construction accidents, along with their frequency that they experience on the job, can often make them eligible for one of these remedies. 

New Law Punishes Motorists Who Strike Pedestrians

A recent traffic accident involving a pedestrian at the corner of Astoria Boulevard and 80th Street highlights the importance of new traffic law designed to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. The new law is a part of the mayor's Vision Zeroprogram-a program that is attempting to bring traffic fatalities in New York City down to zero.

Older Pedestrians at Greater Risk in Accidents

While New York streets pose a danger to pedestrians, new research reveals that the danger many not be the same for everyone. A study, conducted by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, analyzed crash data from downstate New York along with New Jersey and Connecticut. It was discovered that older pedestrians are at a much greater risk than younger bystanders for fatal injuries stemming from pedestrian traffic accidents. The study came to this conclusion after analyzing crash data from the past 10 years and looking for geographic and demographic based trends. 

Possible Defendants in Traffic Accidents

The traditional view of a traffic accident is limited to a collision between drivers, with one or the other at fault. While this understanding of traffic accidents covers many different types of crashes, some crashes are not the fault of either driver. For instance, some crashes are the result of design or manufacturing defects on the part of automobile companies, which resulted in an unsafe product. Injuries from these sorts of crashes may be best addressed through products liability actions against the manufacturer. Other crashes may occur because of the road itself, perhaps due to poor road maintenance or design. In these instances, the victims may have a claim against the municipality itself for failing to provide properly safe roads. 

New Speed Cameras Aimed at Reducing Traffic Fatalities

New York City has not always had the best record in regards to traffic safety. However, that may be changing. Public officials in New York City have recently started installing speed cameras near school zones in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. The move comes after legislators in Albany approved an expansion of the city's speed camera installation program, which began with the installation of 20 cameras back in January. The New York Times reports that the new expansion will allow for the installation of another 120 cameras. These cameras come as a part of the mayor's initiative to reduce traffic fatalities around the city. 

our Buses Not Required to Report Accidents

A recent collision of two tour buses in Times Square has highlighted the potentially dangerous lack of regulation that the industry faces. The tour buses, both of the double-decker, sightseeing variety, collided in the middle of one of the busiest portions of the city. However, neither bus was legally required to report the accident to any licensing board. This is true despite the fact that there are at least five state and local government agencies responsible for monitoring and licensing these tour bus companies. The high-profile nature of the accident has led to calls for stricter regulation and more stringent reporting in cases of tour bus accidents. 

Construction Sites and Falling Objects

A federal court for the Northern District of New York recently issued an opinion making it more difficult for construction workers performing elevated work to recover for injuries they suffer as a result of construction accidents. The case in question, Diaz v. GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S., involved the court trying to interpret New York Labor Law § 240(1). That portion of the code holds contractors and property owners liable for injuries that workers suffer on the job because the owner or contractor failed to set up necessary safety equipment related to elevated work, like scaffolds, pulleys, hoists, or ladders. The judge in Diaz interpreted an older piece of law known as the "Runnerdoctrine," to require that a plaintiff either be injured in a fall or by a falling object to recover under this section of the code. 

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