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Undocumented workers can seek fair compensation after an injury

When a construction site accident or other kind of workplace accident occurs, undocumented workers may be led to believe that they should not report the injury. This is unfair treatment and no one should have tolerate it.

Dramatic Increase In Brain Injuries From Stroller And Baby Carrier Accidents

In the period between 1990 and 2010, the percentage of children who suffered traumatic brain injuries or concussions resulting from stroller or baby carrier accidents increased from less than 20 percent to 42 percent for stroller accidents and 53 percent for children in baby carriers. This increase was noted in a report in the journal Academic Pediatrics and cited recently in the New York Times.
Why Has The Number Of Brain Injuries In Stroller And Baby Carrier Accidents Increased So Much?

Claims of NYC Correctional Facility Abuse Rose in 2015

Personal Injury Claims alleging abuse and mismanagement within the facilities the New York City correctional system rose by 27 percent in fiscal 2015. The office of the NYC Comptroller released the statistics. The New York Times reported the news in an article on March 3, 2015.

$Billion yearly rip off by Drug Manufactures

Please see take time to read the article referenced below, which uncovers one predatory tactic utilized by the Pharmaceutical industry to extract excessive amounts of money through limiting the variety dosages, thereby forcing Medicare and Private insurers to purchase unnecessary and unusable amounts of cancer medications. We must demand more; not less, from our elected government officials in the form of responsible oversight in this area.

Lead Poisoning and Government Regulation

The across the board criticism of all "Government Regulations" promoted by some Politicians; by some Business Representatives; and by some Private Citizens is intellectually lazy, and is of no constructive benefit to society. One need look no further than the devastating human crisis that has unfolded in Flint Michigan, to recognize that there are certain public health protections that only a responsible Government can provide. This is especially so when it comes to protecting the health of children, who are among society's most vulnerable.

NYC Police Misconduct Claims May Be Trending Downward After A Record High

The New York Times has recently reported that Personal Injury and other Tort claims filed annually against the New York City Police Department reached a new high of 9,448 during the previous fiscal year.

Bob Durst? It's all about the evidence.

There has been no shortage of public discussions and opinions about the recent arrest and reopening of the case involving the murder of a close friend of Robert Durst. The media and public fascination is one thing, but when it comes to accessing the likelihood of a conviction, it is easy to recognize an experienced Trial Lawyer as a opposed to a professional "pundit" who happens to have a law degree.

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