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Don't let a doctor's status stop you from filing a legal claim

Medical malpractice in all forms can injure or kill. There isn't any good reason why a medical professional should ever act in a negligent or purposeful manner that will harm a patient. Unfortunately, not all doctors care for their patients in the ways they should.

Medical malpractice cases must have specific elements

Patients who suffer harm because of medical care they receive might wonder if they have a case for a medical malpractice claim. There are several points that these patients must remember if they are considering this type of personal injury lawsuit.

Make sure you understand procedure risks before proceeding

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the risks of having a urinary catheter. This is only one procedure that comes with risks. In fact, just about any procedure you have at a doctor's office or hospital comes with specific risks.

Infections related to urinary catheters are serious

People who have urinary catheters face some serious risks of infection. It is imperative that the catheter is handled in a sanitary manner and that proper procedures are followed. For people who are new to this type of intervention and those who are in the hospital might not know what to look for when they are having this procedure done.

Doctor who blew the whistle on power morcellator problems dies

The doctor who fought hard to end the procedure that led to her having cancer has died. She was only 44 years old when cancer took her life. She was one of the women who was stricken by leiomyosarcoma of the uterus after she had a procedure that used the power morcellator.

What is happening with medical malpractices claims recently?

People who are injured by a medical professional might choose to seek compensation for the damages they suffered. This isn't a ploy to get rich quick. Instead, it is a way to help get the financial means to pay for things that you need but didn't prepare for because you never expected to get hurt by a medical professional.

Duty of care matters in medical malpractice cases

Many medical malpractice cases are based on claims that a patient didn't receive the proper care. In the medical industry, there is a standard of care that must be met for each case. However, a doctor isn't always required to treat people up to that level. There are some instances in which a doctor doesn't actually owe a person any care.

$11.75 jury award in medical malpractice case

Throughout pregnancy, the expectant mother trusts her doctor and hospital to perform the appropriate tests and monitor the health of both the baby and herself. These New York professionals who are involved in this process have been trained to complete these tasks and correctly interpret the results the tests indicate. Failure to accurately read these results and react appropriately could constitute grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

Women wrongly diagnosed with MS file medical malpractice suits

In health care, rendering an accurate diagnosis is necessary for everything from requesting the correct tests to providing the correct treatments and medications. When New York patients are diagnosed with a disease they do not have, they can ultimately suffer further long-term harm that can sometimes be irreversible. Two out-of-state women who suffered after being given the wrong diagnoses filed medical malpractice suits against the doctor who cared for them.

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