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Lead paint in your home?

Lead is an extremely toxic metal that can cause a wide range of health issues in the young and old alike. Nonetheless, it is particularly lethal for children under six years of age. It's also hazardous for pregnant mothers who can pass lead on to their babies, possibly causing premature birth, low birth weight, mental development issues and nerve damage. It can be accidently ingested by a child, inhaled in dust or even absorbed through the skin. Once in the bloodstream it gets distributed throughout the body in the same way healthy minerals like iron and calcium are, often damaging red blood cells' ability to carry oxygen to the body's organs.

Lead Poisoning Liability of Landlords are Limited by Court Ruling

Yesterday, in the case of Yaniveth R. v. LTD Realty Company, 35, New York States highest Court ruled in a 6-1 decision, that even though a one year old child spent about 50 hours a week in her grandmother's Bronx apartment, she could not recover against the landlord for the damaging effects suffered due to lead poisoning, because did not "reside" in the apartment, for purposes of New York City's lead paint abatement law.

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