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Construction workers are at risk of suffering burns from various factors. It is imperative that all construction companies have protocol in place to help prevent burns. There are many things that everyone can do to increase the safety in New York workplaces.

Every construction company should encourage a culture of safety on job sites. In almost all cases, burns can be prevented.

Electrical burns

With the cords that are needed to get power to some tools and other equipment, there is a chance that the cords will become a safety hazard. Not only can they cause a worker to trip, but they might also come into contact with water. As most adults know, electricity and water don't mix.

Any cords that are strewn around the site must be secured so they don't come into contact with water. Workers must also ensure they don't operate anything electrical if they are standing in water.

In addition to cords coming into contact with water, workers must also ensure that no metal comes into contact with powerlines. Proper distance must be maintained between overhead lines and anything else. These lines should be clearly marked to make it easy for workers to see.

Chemical burns

The chemicals that are used in some construction projects can burn the skin. Anyone who works around chemicals, even cleaning solutions, should make sure they know how to properly and safely use the substances.

Material safety data sheets relay this information and should be provided to anyone using chemicals. Instructions on the bottles or containers should remain intact. Personal safety gear, such as appropriate gloves, should be provided to workers.

Sun exposure

Construction workers are often in the open sun. They should take the time to put on sunscreen and should wear protective clothing to minimize exposure. Taking breaks in the shade and trying to avoid spending the entire day in the sun's direct rays can also help. Workers with serious sunburns might need medical care.

Thermal burns

Thermal burns are those that come from flames, explosions and hot things. Even hot liquids can lead to these burns, so workers should be careful about handling things that have been left in the sun. Wearing protective gear when using hot items can be beneficial.

When burns do occur, the worker can have a long road to recovery. They will likely deal with considerable pain and may need to rely on workers' compensation for an income while they are unable to work. One way that burns can be prevented is by teaching workers about the different types that are common.

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