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Construction workers have to use many types of power tools to get the job done. While they are an important part of the equipment, they come with some very serious risks if they aren't used properly or malfunction during use.

Anyone who is using power tools should be properly trained on using the particular equipment. Employers can't assume that employees know how to use tools. They must be taught the proper safety protocol.

Choose the most appropriate tool

One of the most important ways to remain safe is to choose the best tools for the job you are doing. Trying to force an unsuitable tool to do a specific job can lead to serious injuries. It is especially important when you are using something like a saw that can buck or slip. If the proper tool isn't available, workers should wait until it is so that they aren't risking something happening.

Check the condition of the tools

Any power tool you use must be in good shape. You shouldn't ever use one that is missing a critical safety component or has a frayed wire. Even if you check the tools before you use them, it is always possible that there is a defect that might cause an issue. If an injury occurs due to the defect, it is possible to file a third party lawsuit against the liable party, such as the manufacturer, in an effort to recover the financial damages you suffered.

Use proper safety measures

You have to be safe when you are using these tools. Many of them are unforgiving so any mistake can lead to a tragedy. Make sure you are wearing safety gear, such as cut-resistant or temperature-resistant gloves, eye protection and clothing that can help to prevent burns. Always point tools like nailers away from yourself and others. Always ensure you are on stable footing so that you don't slip while you are using the tools.

Workers who are injured while using power tools might need emergency medical care. Severe lacerations, amputations – including both partial and complete, and other injuries must be addressed right away. Those who are injured might want to return to work as quickly as possible, but they must ensure that they are cleared by the doctor to go back so they don't cause more problems for themselves.

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