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When someone slips and loses their balance, almost anything could happen. They could wind up with nothing more than a bruise and a sense of embarrassment. It is also possible that the person who falls could suffer severe, lasting injuries.

Many different factors will impact the severity of the consequences of a slip-and-fall injury. These factors include everything from the age and overall health of the person injured to the environment in which they experience the slip.

Certain conditions, such as icy sidewalks or wet floors, lend themselves to a greater likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident. But a spill could happen even on a dry surface if it is improperly waxed or has other debris. Educating yourself about these serious potential accidents will ensure you know what to do if you wind up hurt because you slip.

Property owners and business managers should maintain safe facilities

The first and most important thing for anyone dealing with the medical fall out of a slip-and-fall to know is that property owners have an obligation to the public to maintain a safe property. From removing ice and snow build-up to ensuring that all fixtures and mechanical elements of the property are in working order, adequate maintenance and cleanliness are key.

Businesses and property owners who fail to keep everything clean and in working order could incur what is known as premises liability. Premises liability is the legal term for culpability related to someone else's injuries or property damage.

Slip-and-fall injuries are often premises liability cases where the injured party demonstrates that their injuries are the direct result of someone else's failure to maintain a facility.

When do slip-and-fall injuries become permanent?

Depending on how you fall and what you strike on your way down, the injuries from a slip-and-fall could have lifelong consequences. If you strike your head, for example, the bruising and swelling could cause a traumatic brain injury. That brain injury could affect your cognitive and motor function for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, when people fall, they break bones. A simple, clean fracture in a young adult is likely to heal over time. However, fractures in other populations can prove much more serious. In a small child, a broken bone could result in damage to the growth plate. That damage could impact the child's physical development for many years to come.

In older adults with diminished bone density, a broken bone could take much longer to heal. It could also be much more complicated, with many small fractures instead of one clean break. Even simple fractures can develop permanent medical consequences if the patient develops a degenerative nerve condition as a result. Chronic regional pain syndrome is rare but associated with broken bones.

These are just a few examples of how the injuries involved in a seemingly minor tumble could have lifelong medical consequences. Anyone dealing with the medical fall out of a slip-and-fall injury would be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights to file an insurance claim or seek compensation through a lawsuit. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate a better settlement if an initial offer is offensively low.

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