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The construction industry is filled with hazards of all sorts. The workers who do these jobs have to deal with very dangerous conditions that include not only power tools and equipment, but also the weather. It is imperative that they be provided with the safest work conditions possible to help them avoid suffering unnecessary injuries.

While there are many accidents that can be prevented with safety protocol, others are due to factors that the employer can't control. One example is when a product, such as a power tool, has a defect that leads to a worker becoming injured.

What is a defective product?

A defective product has something wrong with it that makes it unsafe to use even if you are following the instructions. The most common types of product defects are those in manufacturing, design and warnings. A manufacturing defect means something went wrong when the item was being made and the product can lead to injuries that wouldn't be likely if it was made properly.

A defect in design means there is something unsafe about the way the product was designed. A defect in warnings means that the instructions or warnings didn't sufficiently address the possible risks of the product.

What is an unavoidably unsafe product?

Many of the power tools and other equipment used in construction are dangerous just because of what they have to do. These are known as unavoidably unsafe products. When it comes to their use in construction, the onus falls on the employer to ensure that the workers know how to use the tools they need for their jobs. This can be complicated simply because these manuals are often lengthy and might be complex. In many cases, on-the-job training is preferred for these types of tools.

How do these types of products impact construction workers?

When a worker is injured by a defective product, they may turn to a lawsuit against the manufacturer through a third-party lawsuit. Many injuries caused by unavoidably unsafe products are handled through workers' compensation claims. Because of the differences in these cases, anyone who is going through one of these situations should find out which option is appropriate.

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