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At a construction site, welders are sometimes called in to complete parts of the job. These individuals are usually highly trained; however, construction companies must ensure that they are doing things in a safe manner. There are several safety concerns that need to be addressed so that the welders and others around them aren't at an increased risk of injury.

Understanding these hazards is imperative for New York welders. Continuing education and reminders to work safely can also be beneficial.

Gases and fumes

Fumes and gases are one of the biggest risks that people in the space around welding face. At construction websites, it is common for these jobs to take place outside. Ventilation in these spaces shouldn't be a problem. If the space is confined, proper ventilation is required.

In some cases, a fan might even help with these problems. Respirators are another option for people who need extra air filtering. Anyone who has trouble breathing or who is experiencing things like dizziness should get fresh air, as well as medical care if necessary.

Sparks and heat

Spatter from an arc welder can travel as far as 35 feet away from the space. The welding arc's temperature can get as hot as 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This can lead to significant burns not only to the welder but also to others who venture into the area. Welders must wear appropriate protective gear, including long sleeves, pants, shoes and gloves. Eye and face protection are also possible.

Eye damage

The welding light can lead to eye damage that might not appear right away. Never look into the active weld area unless you have eye protection. Not all eye protection is created equal. Any welder must have the proper shade on the helmet. Some have an automatic adjusting feature, which can improve the protection for the individual in multiple scenarios.

Electrical shock

All wires and electrical connections should be checked thoroughly before each welding job. When a person is moving from one job site to another with the equipment, this step can't be avoided. There is a chance that wires might become damaged by welding spatter. There is also the risk of metal coming into contact with some components of the welding equipment. Make sure to use proper techniques.

Welders who are harmed while doing a job at a construction site may need workers' compensation to cover medical bills. If the injury is serious and the person can't go right back to work, they might also qualify for other benefits like temporary disability.

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