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The holiday shipping season is upon us. This means that semitrucks will be out in full force over the upcoming months. While many of these truckers are safe drivers, there are some who are lax when it comes to safety. Innocent people can suffer from grave injuries when commercial drivers aren't driving in an appropriate manner.

One thing to think about this season is that everyone should plan extra time to get to their destination. With more semitrucks on the roads, there is a chance that city streets might have a traffic flow that is a little different from other times of the year. This is because semitrucks sometimes have to swing wide left in order to execute a right turn due to space constraints. This can slow traffic, so all drivers need to be able to wait a bit, so nobody takes unsafe risks to try to get around the semitruck.

With more goods that need to be hauled around the country, these truckers might be working longer hours than normal. There are still upper limits as to how long they can drive per shift, but fatigue might be a problem. We understand that you can't force semitruck drivers to drive safely, but you should take steps to shore up your own safety.

If you are struck by a trucker, make sure that you report the accident to authorities. Since the injuries in these accidents can be serious, seek out medical care even if you don't think you are injured. From there, decide if you are going to seek compensation. We are here to help you with this process.

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