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Patients naturally hope they never have to deal with medical malpractice. While it is a good idea to feel comfortable with your doctor, make sure that you still protect yourself. Doctors are only human and can make errors that harm or even kill their patients. There are several ways that you can make sure you are getting the care you need.

First, never feel like you can't question the doctor. Part of a doctor's duties include providing information to patients. Never feel bad when you question what the doctor thinks is going on with you or what medications you are being told to take. Always find out exactly what your diagnosis is and make sure you understand the treatment plan. We know that you might not be used to doing this with your doctor, but it can certainly help if you do.

Second, stay honest with your doctor. If you are given a treatment plan and follow it, don't tell the doctor that you are feeling better during the follow up appointment unless you are actually doing better.

Third, dig into anything that doesn't seem right. If you think the doctor made an error, get a second opinion. If you are suffering due to the issues with the care that you receive, we can help you evaluate the option of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Not only does can doing so cover your damages, it also serves to the let the doctor know that patients won't accept substandard care or insufficient treatment from their medical providers. Exercising these options can be empowering to patients.

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