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Product liability claims can come from defective gifts

The Christmas season is here, which means that people will buy gifts for others. When you are shopping, you likely expect that the stores are only selling safe items. You don't want anyone to suffer an injury due to your gift. Unfortunately, products might seem safe when you purchase them but it is later discovered that there is something unsafe about it. We know this isn't what you want to happen, but you should be prepared if there is an unsafe gift exchanged.

Safety around heavy equipment is critical

Heavy equipment is necessary to get many jobs done, including construction. The trouble with these large machines is that they also pose a safety risk to workers using them and those who are around the equipment. Proper safety guidelines must be adhered to at all times.

Doctor errors can lead to serious problems for patients

Patients naturally hope they never have to deal with medical malpractice. While it is a good idea to feel comfortable with your doctor, make sure that you still protect yourself. Doctors are only human and can make errors that harm or even kill their patients. There are several ways that you can make sure you are getting the care you need.

Surgeon removes woman's healthy kidney during back surgery

Patients count on the surgeons that care for them to perform procedures as expected. While it is understood that there might be things that come up during the procedures that need to be addressed, patients never expect that the surgeon will do unnecessary things. Unfortunately, surgeons sometimes make errors that can be detrimental to the patient.

Holiday shipping can mean more semitrucks on the roads

The holiday shipping season is upon us. This means that semitrucks will be out in full force over the upcoming months. While many of these truckers are safe drivers, there are some who are lax when it comes to safety. Innocent people can suffer from grave injuries when commercial drivers aren't driving in an appropriate manner.

Lead poisoning: A potentially lethal threat

Now that the world knows about many of the toxins people were exposed to in the past, they're used less and less. For instance, people know that lead has the potential to be dangerous, so it is no longer included in paints. However, it wasn't until the later 1970s that lead stopped being used.

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