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Winter is nearly here, and with the dropping temperatures come the increased risk of sleet, snow, hail and freezing rain. Not only do these inclement weather situations result in difficult driving conditions, but they can make just walking through a parking lot more dangerous.

Slippery outdoor conditions and melted snow in entryways makes the winter season a dangerous time for pedestrians and shoppers. There is the potential risk for a slip-and-fall accident when there is accumulated frozen precipitation on the ground or puddles in stores.

Knowing that the risk is higher can help keep you safe when you head outside. It should also motivate businesses and property owners to clear their parking lots and walkways of snow and avoid liquid build-up inside.

Businesses and properties should be safe for the public

Property owners and business managers have a responsibility to the public. They must keep their facilities safe and reasonably maintained. Failing to do so can result in increased liability to the owners or business managers if someone ends up hurt on their property.

Customers should know that they can safely move from a parking lot into a retail establishment without an increased risk of a severe injury. Proactive approaches to snow and ice removal are critical to public safety during the winter seasons.

When businesses and property owners shirk their responsibilities by failing to address snow and ice and maintain dry floors, people who visit their properties can end up seriously hurt.

Icy surfaces and slippery puddles can translate into major injuries

A slip-and-fall incident can quickly become a dire situation. When someone slips while walking, they run the very real risk of falling directly backward and hitting their head on the floor or pavement.

When this happens, there is usually nothing between the person and the ground to lessen the impact. The end result could be a traumatic brain injury that causes permanent disability for the individual who falls.

Even if the person who slips falls in a less dramatic fashion, they could break a bone by attempting to catch themselves or strike a nearby fixture, vehicle or piece of furniture.

The business where a slip-and-fall occurs may find itself facing large premises liability claims related to the incident. Costs including medical expenses, missed wages and other real world costs can quickly add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Those who suffer a winter weather-related slip-and-fall should carefully look at the situation. If it seems like negligence played a contributing role to the injury, that may be grounds for a premises liability claim against the location of the incident.

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