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Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries for the victims. It is imperative that all property owners, including government entities and commercial property owners, take steps to ensure that anyone who is on the property is safe from hazards that can lead to these mishaps.

Some hazards are universal. Others are specific to the type of site, such as a construction site. Here are some considerations for all outdoor spaces:

Keep the area clean

Surfaces should be clean and free of anything that might cause a person to slip or trip. This includes fallen leaves, cords and other items. If there has to be cords strewn about, they should be secured so that a person can't get one's foot caught on them.

Spills and wet spots should be cleaned up if necessary. Some substances, such as vehicle fluids, are more slippery than water and must be addressed immediately because even non-slip shoes might not be sufficient.

Another issue is when there is saw dust or other tiny particles on the ground. These can make it hard to keep your footing, even if you are taking great care to watch how you are stepping. Loose gravel is another potential hazard in many outdoor spaces.

When there is no way to avoid a hazard, alerting people is necessary. Signage can accomplish this task since it will warn everyone that extra caution is a must in the area. Additionally, proper lighting can help to ensure hazards are seen when it is getting dark outside.

Surfaces should be in good repair

Sidewalks often have uneven pavement. Cracks in the sidewalk can be a huge hazard because people might not walk while watching the ground. When one piece of cement juts out above another, a pedestrian can trip.

Any defects in the walking surface should be addressed immediately. It might not be possible to correct the issue right away, such as if the sidewalk needs to be replaced. Instead, using caution tape or barriers will help people to avoid the area until repair is possible.

A person who is injured in one of these incidents might face a difficult recovery. Determining who is liable for the accident is a necessary step to seek compensation.

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