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Truckers have to drive for hundreds of miles per shift. While there are laws in place to prevent them from driving over a specific number of hours between rest breaks, there is a still a chance that some truckers will become fatigued, even when they are in compliance with these time limits.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry is filled with companies that place the emphasis on fast delivery times, even if the truckers doing the routes have to drive while they are too tired. This puts everyone on the roads in danger of being involved in an accident with the semitruck.

Around 13 percent of all semitruck crashes list fatigue as a critical factor. This means that without the presence of fatigue, the accident likely wouldn't have happened. While this number might seem small, you have to remember that these are preventable. Even having one crash caused by fatigue is too many.

Truckers often face a conundrum. They need to make delivery times that were promised by the company they are driving for, which means that they aren't empowered to stop when they need rest. This forces them to make a choice between following the schedule or staying safe.

If you are involved in a semitruck crash, exploring the possibility of trucker fatigue is a good idea. Determining the defendant in these cases can be a challenge. Do you hold the trucker accountable? What about the company they were hired out with? How about the insurance company? Sometimes, the answer is all three of those. This is one point that has to be determined when you choose to seek compensation for the damages you suffered due to the crash.

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