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When you're walking through the city, you often have to avoid construction. With so many homes and businesses, streets and a major park system in the Big Apple, it's no wonder that construction is almost always taking place.

The problem with construction is that it's a risk to people almost it as much as it's a risk to construction workers. For instance, if you are walking near a scaffold, it could collapse on you, or objects could fall from above and hit you on the head or back. This would likely lead to injuries, especially if the objects fall from high above.

What can you do to stay safe as a pedestrian in New York?

When you're around construction sites, keep a safe distance. If you have the option to walk around the site by crossing to the other side of the street, it's a good idea to do so. Always watch for signs of danger and for physical signs providing warnings about hazards around you.

Hazards from construction aren't just above you, either. Open manholes, covered grates and uneven steps or pavement also pose a risk to pedestrians. Make certain to listen to the instructions provided by any construction worker in the area and to use your own good judgment to know when an area is too dangerous for you to pass.

Pedestrians also face further danger from backed up traffic that results from construction. In New York, traffic is already congested, but adding construction to the mix makes it miserable. Drivers may develop road rage, race to get out of an area or overall just be aggressive. The best thing you can do in that situation is to look before crossing multiple times and to do what you can to make eye contact with drivers and others as you cross the road. Distractions, aggression and eagerness to get out of a traffic jam can make roads dangerous places for pedestrians who are not cautious.

These are a few things to think about if you're living in New York and have to pass through a construction zone. If you can avoid construction zones, it's a better plan to go around them for a period of time. If not, keep in mind that they are likely to pose various physical threats to you and those with you, so you need to stay focused on where you're going and aware of what's happening around you.

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