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Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs or vapes, are touted as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. This is proving not to be the case thanks to safety issues with the devices themselves. Even if you don't look at the ingredients in the cartridges, you will still find something very unsafe.

These devices use a lithium battery to heat up the element that produces the vapors that are inhaled. Unfortunately, these are the same batteries that are known to explode. When this happens, the user might suffer some very serious injuries.

The shape of the device is another factor in these cases. The cylinder shape has weak points at the ends. When the battery fails, these are the first points to give, so the user's mouth, face, chest and hands are at risk of being hit by a flying projectile.

Burns and knocked out teeth have been reported with these events. One man even suffered damage to his vertebrae and fractures to the bones in his face when his exploded. Another person suffered eye damage. These injuries are very traumatic and can have lifelong impacts on the person.

So, why do manufacturers continue to produce these devices even though they are unsafe? The short answer is likely that they can make money with the vapes. This isn't any reason to produce an inherently unsafe product.

The innocent victims of e-cig explosions might opt to seek compensation via a product liability claim. This might help them to get the medical care they need, as well as providing some recompense for other monetary damages.

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