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Truckers who aren't giving their full attention to the road can cause a crash that seriously injures innocent victims. There are many different things that can take a trucker's focus off of driving. It is easy to focus on the readily obvious distractions like cellphones; however, these aren't the only ones that exist.

Long-haul truckers spend a lot of time away from home. They might be concerned about what is going on with their family members. These thoughts can distract the driver enough to where they might make errors when they drive. Eating, drinking, trying to read directions, speaking to dispatch and other similar actions can also cause a trucker to err while driving.

Since semitrucks are much heavier and larger than personal vehicles, they can cause serious damage to smaller cars. The occupants probably don't have time to brace for a crash. Even if they can brace, it might not be enough to keep injuries at bay. We recognize that you might have a long road to recovery before you.

If you were struck by a semitruck, you may realize quickly that you need medical care. Obvious injuries must be treated right away. You should still get an evaluation to ensure that you don't have any serious damage that you just haven't discovered yet. This preventative measure might save you a lot of pain and problems in the future.

When distractions that aren't obvious lead to a crash, the victims of the crash might be in a tough spot. Proving that the semitruck driver wasn't paying attention to the road could be challenging since you might not be able to show that the trucker was deep in thought. We will work with you to determine how to present your claim for compensation.

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