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The news has been full of recalls lately. Some of these that have to do with food are very scary. They are a stark reminder that you have to be careful with everything that you purchase these days. We understand that most people are naturally cautious, but even things that seem harmless and healthy might be impacted by recalls.

Keeping up with current recalls might seem like a real challenge because in the last few days, everything from cheese dip and tires to car seats and bicycle pedals have been the subjects of recalls. As you are making purchases, it is possible to check the lists and not see the items on there but then they show up later. We understand that this system isn't ideal but it is the best that we have right now.

Not all recalls are initiated after someone is injured or becomes ill. Instead, some are started out of an abundance of caution to prevent issues from occurring. Paying attention to why something is recalled could be lifesaving. For example, a people who have a peanut allergy should watch for mislabeling recalls that bypass allergen warnings. If they accidentally eat a food with peanuts in it, they could die. We acknowledge that this shouldn't ever happen.

For people who are harmed by products that have been recalled, the road to recovery is often long and complicated. Some people might not ever be able to fully recover. If you are in one of these positions, you might decide to seek compensation. We can help you get your product liability lawsuit moving forward.

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