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People who go shopping expect to run in, grab what they need and go home. They don't think that something will happen to them while they are shopping. This is due, in part, to the fact that customers tend to put their trust in the stores they frequent.

Unfortunately, there are times when customers will suffer from injuries while they are at the store. One of the risks that many individuals face is wet floors. This is especially true when it is raining outside because people can bring the water in on their shoes. This creates a slip risk for them. Stores can combat this by using rugs or blowers, as well as using wet floor signs to warn customers.

Another risk comes from the merchandise. Some stores stock the upper shelves with items. These items shouldn't be so heavy or bulky that they make the unit unstable. An item that falls from the top shelf can strike a person, which can be serious or fatal. If the merchandise causes the shelving unit to become unstable, the entire thing can tip over.

Shoppers can suffer from injuries in the parking lot. These are commonly due to a lack of sufficient lighting or an uneven ground. In some cases, vehicles speeding through the parking lot can strike patrons.

Stores that have promotions, such as the recent Build-a-Bear Workshop 'Pay Your Age Day' should make sure that they have adequate security and crowd control. There is a possibility of people being injured in a stampede or because of mob conditions.

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