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People who are injured by a product might opt to file a product liability lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is based strictly on state law because there aren't any federal laws that pertain to this type of lawsuit. There are several points about product liability cases that might interest people who have suffered harm from a product.

When products are sold to consumers, there is an expectation that the item will be as safe as possible. There are some instances where even the safest model of a product will be dangerous. An example of this is a saw. If all of the danger was removed, the blade couldn't be on the saw. This would prevent the saw from cutting through things, which would render it useless. When a product is still hazardous due to the requirements of the job it is meant to do, it is known as an unavoidably unsafe product.

In most cases, product liability cases are based on negligence, breach of warranty or strict liability. They all go back to the manufacturer of the product being held responsible for the safety of the product. Still, there are times when a user's actions have a part in how the case is handled.

You must follow the directions for a product if you are going to bring a product liability claim. This means that you can't use an item in a way that it wasn't intended to be used. For example, you can't use a saw to cut your toenails and think that you can sue the manufacturer when you slice your toe off.

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