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Just because there isn't snow on the ground doesn't mean that you aren't at risk of being injured in an outdoor premises liability incident. These can occur in a variety of circumstances. Learning about some of these might help you to avoid them, but remember that it is ultimately up to the property owner to ensure that the premises is safe.

One hazard that you might find around the city, especially in some of the older areas, is uneven pavement. This can pose a trip hazard for people who are walking around. It can be an expensive endeavor to correct this issue so many property owners might just leave the pavement as is.

Another hazard that is present in some areas is loose stair railings. It is difficult for some people to walk up and down steps. The railings are meant to help them to do this. When those are unstable or missing, people can fall down the stairs.

Inadequate lighting can also occur in some areas. When parking lots don't have adequate lighting, there is a chance that a person might slip and fall. Another possibility is that they will be attacked by someone who is trying to take advantage of the dark conditions.

In some cases, it might take some work to find out who to hold liable for an injury that occurs. One example of this is when it happens on the sidewalk. You have to determine if the property owner or municipality is responsible for the area. This can help you know who to hold accountable in a legal claim and how to go about making that claim.

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