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Doctors can't just think that any level of care is appropriate. Instead, they need to make sure that they are keeping the care they provide up to at least a minimal standard or higher. When they don't, there is a chance that the patient will suffer harm.

If you are receiving medical care, you should understand a few points about the standard of care. These might help you if you think that the medical care you are receiving isn't up to par.

How does education impact the standard of care?

A doctor's education and treatment can affect the standard of care because doctors who have more training in an area should provide a higher level of care than those without that extensive training. You could expect better care for cancer from an oncologist than what you could expect from a general practitioner.

How will facility access affect standard of care?

The access that a doctor has to facilities can have an impact on this. High-tech facilities could produce more detailed testing and treatments in most cases. This means that a doctor who is associated with a top-notch medical center should be able to provide better care than one who is a small-time practitioner in a rural area.

Why is a standard of care violation hard to prove?

The medical community is a tight knit community. Doctors might be unwilling to testify against other doctors. This can make proving that a standard of care violation did occur. Finding medical professionals who are willing to speak up can help a case tremendously.

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