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In our previous blog post, we discussed a doctor's duty of care. This isn't the only thing that comes into the picture when there is a medical malpractice issue affecting your family. Another factor is the standard of care. Did the patient get care that meets the standard that another prudent doctor with the same training and information would order?

The standard of care concept is interesting, because there aren't universal standards that apply to all doctors. Instead, the doctor's training, education and available technology can all come into the picture in these cases. We can help you to determine whether the standard of care was met in your case or not by taking a look at these factors.

A doctor with specialized training will be held to a higher standard in a case involving something in that practice area than a doctor who isn't a specialist in that field. You also wouldn't expect cutting edge care from a rural doctor with a one-room practice, but you would expect it at a large medical center.

We understand that you might not be sure about what the standard of care is in your case. This can be a difficult to determine unless you have medical training. In a malpractice case that involves a standard of care question, we will likely need to call expert witnesses to prove your side of the case. This can be challenging since the medical community is a tight one. We can help you to find the people and information that might help us to build up your case so that we can fight for the compensation you are due.

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