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As a construction worker you have a dangerous, but important job. Homes, businesses, roadways and shopping centers require the hard work and dedication of employees like you. While safety equipment and OSHA regulations promote safety on construction sites, accidents sill happen at an alarming rate.

Safe construction requires more than a hard hat, steel toed boots and the ability to swing a hammer. Legal experts believe that proper education and training can reduce the ever-increasing rates of construction site accidents.

The battle for change.

Last September, there was a push to increase safety measures in order to reduce construction worker injuries. Project owners and project developers lobbied against a bill that would require mandatory training for all construction workers, despite that fact that the number of injuries increased by nearly 100 incidents in 2017.

In October, the bill was finally passed by Mayor de Blasio. This new bill is still considered controversial by many parties, but could help bring your family peace of mind.

What are the requirements?

Workers must now complete safety training hours, 10 of which should've be completed last month by current employees. The training courses are based on and approved by OSHA standards. Workers will complete the training in phases and can continue working while they train.

Concerned family members asking questions?

If you have a loved one concerned about you working in construction, give them encouragement as you complete these courses. As always, make sure you have proper safety equipment and that everything is functioning. A good night's rest and a clear mind are great assets that help avoid complacency. Remind them that just like any other job, rules are put in place to ensure that workers return to their families at the end of the day without incident.

Accidents can happen.

Despite our best efforts to promote safety and work cautiously, accidents can still occur. Scaffolding and ladders can malfunction, objects can fall and conditions can make things slippery. If you are injured after taking the required training, you should still seek legal assistance. Your health and well-being are the top priority for you and your family.

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