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Construction workers face a number of hazards when they are out on a job site. Everything from the weather to errors made by other workers can lead to workers being injured. As difficult as it might be to keep workers protected, construction companies have a duty to provide a safe working environment despite these conditions.

There are four types of accidents that are more deadly than others. These are deemed the fatal four by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Preventing these are a good start for construction companies, but they need to go beyond only focusing on those known risks.

The fatal 4

The fatal four accidents at construction sites include falls, electrocutions, being struck by something, and being caught in or between items. These four types of accidents account for more than half of construction worker deaths. Falls are overwhelmingly the most deadly accident that can occur.

In New York, the Scaffold Law aims to protect workers from the risk of falling by placing the accountability for issues with the equipment on the property owners and general contractors overseeing the project. The strict liability standard doesn't leave room for property owners or construction companies to try to deny responsibility for the incident if a worker is killed or injured by scaffolding.

Other types of accidents

Other accidents include trench collapses, explosions and fires. Another possible hazard comes from dangerous equipment. While there is some risk that comes with most power tools, there is a huge issue if the item is defective. A defective piece of equipment can lead to serious injuries and death. Think about how much harm a circular saw that isn't working properly might cause. The person might suffer from a traumatic amputation in this circumstance.

Cumulative motion injuries

Not all construction injuries come from accidents. Cumulative injuries can occur just by doing your normal job duties. Using a hammer or power tools might lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Back, knee, neck, shoulder, and hip injuries might also come from the repetitive motions and conditions that you have to deal with when you are working at a construction site.

Having to miss work because you are injured can be devastating for your finances. While you are dealing with the physical pain, you have the increased stress of trying to make ends meet. Third party lawsuits or workers' compensation claims will be vital.

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