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The number of construction accidents that make the news is troubling. In many of these cases, proper protocol and safety guidelines could have prevented the incidents. This is one of the points that makes these accidents so tragic. These men and women came to work with the intent of earning their pay and then going home to their family members at the end of their shift.

When a construction accident does occur, things can turn bad quickly. When you think about the equipment you will find at a construction site, you can easily see why safety has to be a priority at these locations. The conditions of the site also have a part in this. Ultimately, the construction company overseeing the project has a duty to help keep workers safe while they are working.

There are many facets of safety that have to be covered. There are a few that are universal. One of these is that workers need to use lock out/tag out procedures to ensure that equipment is in good working order and accounted for. When equipment is locked out or tagged out, it mustn't be used until issues are corrected and it is safe to use again.

Having a buddy system in place is often necessary. This allows one person to make sure that the other is doing things safely. While it isn't necessary for workers to always have a buddy, tasks like moving heavy equipment or large objects should always involve teamwork.

There is a chance that construction accidents will occur even if the site is generally safe. When this occurs, the worker might choose to file a workers' compensation claim to help defray the medical costs and get wages replaced. In some cases, a third-party lawsuit might be more suitable. We can evaluate your case and help you develop a plan that we will put into motion for you.

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