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When you are out on New York's roads, you will almost certainly see at least one of the 1.9 million commercial trucks that operate on this nation's roads. Even if you don't realize it, you are counting on the truckers operating those vehicles to do so in a safe manner. Your life might depend on that.

Think about the size and weight of these trucks compared to passenger vehicles. The size of the trucks is visibly many times that of passenger vehicles.

A fully loaded big rig can weight more than 80,000 pounds. This is much heavier than the average weight of a passenger vehicle, which comes in at a measly 2,871 pounds. These differences are almost always factors in how victims of car versus commercial truck accidents will fare.

You can see easily see why it is imperative that the people who drive those large and heavy vehicles don't take chances that might result in an accident. Even seemingly small errors like taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds can produce tragic results. We realize how serious these accidents can be and what kinds of life-changing effects might come from them.

There is no competition when it comes to which vehicle will fare worse if a big rig slams into a passenger vehicle. For the occupants of the smaller vehicle, serious injuries are possible. These can be catastrophic and life changing. Spinal cord or brain injuries top the list of tragic results that might occur. In some cases, the crash is fatal. We can help you to seek compensation after a crash.

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