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It is all too easy to focus on the physical injuries that you suffer in a car crash. After all, these injuries are the ones that are most evident in the initial days afterward. When you realize that you are going to need extensive medical care for your injuries, you might start to focus on how you are going to cover those bills. The fact of the matter is that you might be able to turn to the civil court system with a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for the accident.

When you opt to file a claim for compensation, you have to think beyond just the medical bills that you've paid for. You need to think about what your insurer has paid, because they can turn to you for repayment if your claim for compensation is successful. We can help you evaluate these bills so that you have an idea of what amount of compensation is reasonable.

On top of that, you need to find out what other types of damages you might be able to file for. One that could be considerable is payment for the wages that you didn't earn because you had to take time off of work. You might also be able to claim damages for benefits you didn't receive due to that time you had to take off.

Emotional trauma is another form of damages that you might be able to claim. This is sometimes challenging to prove, but it can be worth the work. You can keep a journal to share with your attorney that outlines how your life has changed now that you are injured. This might help you to be able to provide concrete examples of what's changed for the worse.

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