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There's no doubt about it, a construction site is fraught with dangers and most laborers who work in the construction industry for any number of years are lucky to avoid getting seriously hurt. Dangers include getting struck by falling objects, electrocuted, hit by heavy pieces of machinery, hurt by a dangerous tool, falling from heights or just wearing out your body from the daily grind of the job.

Let's take a look at two of the most common construction worker injuries that cause numerous injuries, time spent away from work and even fatalities every year.

Trench and building collapses

When construction workers are digging holes, trenches and working on construction sites, there's always the danger of a trench or building collapse. Digging a trench and working on old construction must be done carefully and appropriately with proper supports and proper safety equipment in place. However, even when taking these precautions collapses can happen. Many workers die, or suffer catastrophic injuries, due to these situations annually.

Repetitive motion injuries

Less dangerous than trench collapses - but extremely debilitating nonetheless - are repetitive motion injuries. Construction workers often carry out repetitive motions in a highly skilled fashion. For example, painters are constantly working with the paint brushes over their heads and in other positions for longer periods of time. Electricians are twisting wires with their fingers in the same way. Cement workers are lifting bags of cement over and over again.

These repetitive motions can take a serious toll on joints and ligaments. When workers don't receive enough rest breaks on the job, it can cause chronic inflammation of the joints, muscles and tendons. Sometimes, the only way for these disabling medical conditions to heal is to stop working completely and take several months of rest.

Are you suffering from a construction job injury?

The one saving grace of getting hurt at a construction job is that will likely be able to recoup the costs of your medical care through the state workers' compensation program. You may also be able to qualify for wage replacement benefits if your injuries are so severe that you must spend an extended amount of time away from work. Furthermore, depending on the facts of your case, in certain scenarios, injured workers can pursue additional claims against third-party defendants for personal injury damages.

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