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Walking on snow and ice is dangerous, especially if you aren't the most graceful person. You have to make sure that you are taking steps to remain safe as you walk around the city because the conditions of sidewalks can go from clear to horrible in just a few minutes when the snow is falling.

Even though property owners are supposed to keep sidewalks clear, there are some people who just don't do it. This can lead to slip-and-fall accidents that can cause serious injuries. Here are some tips to help keep you safe.

Dress properly before you leave home

Proper dress is key to staying safe during the winter months. Wear layers of clothing that aren't constricting. Clothes that are too tight can make it difficult to move. On top of this, you need to make sure that your extremities and head stay warm. It will be very difficult to focus on staying safe if you are too worried about getting too cold.

Bring supplies with you

Make sure that you wear the right shoes. If you are unsteady on your feet or use a cane or walker, you might find it very difficult to maneuver on the wintry sidewalks. A cane tip that can grip ice can help you. It might also help to wear slip-on ice cleats that you can wear over your normal shoes. 

Channel your inner penguin

Penguins walk with flat and short steps. This is a good way for you to walk when you are trying to keep your footing on these surfaces. It might look a bit funny, but that doesn't really matter if you are trying to stay safe. While you are walking, you should use handrails and other supportive structures when they are available.

Stay sober and alert

You might be tempted to drink some alcohol for the warming sensation, but this isn't a good idea when you are going to walk around outside. Alcohol can actually make your body temperature drop. Plus, it can reduce your ability to respond to hazards that you face when you are walking. Instead, bundle up to stay warm so you can watch for changes in the sidewalk's surface and react appropriately to patches of ice or uneven ground.

Even though many people think that slip-and-fall accidents aren't very serious, they can be life-changing for some people, including the elderly. Medical care is often a priority for these individuals. Once that is obtained, seeking compensation might be a priority.

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