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The holiday shopping season means that a trip to any store might be a test in patience for you. The stores are likely going to be very busy as people try to get what they need for the meals and gift exchanges that are coming. It is imperative that you take the time to make sure you are safe as you shop.

The entire duty to ensure your safety doesn't actually fall on you. Stores have a duty to make sure that the conditions of the store are conducive to safety. This means making sure that the floors are free from hazards, that crowd control is in place, that parking lots are in good repair and that merchandise is safely stored. When any of these elements aren't in place, innocent customers can be harmed.

If you suffer an injury from a shopping accident this holiday season, you can take action. You might decide to file a lawsuit regarding the issue. This could help you recover some of the money that you lost due to the accident. We realize that this isn't a decision that is easy for you to make, but you should consider the message that this type of lawsuit will make.

We are here to help you explore your options and to put your plan into motion. From getting the initial complaint together to determining the amount of damages that you've suffered, we are here to handle the legal work for you. Since there is a time limit for these cases in New York, make sure that you take action swiftly or you might permanently lose your chance.

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