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Crane safety was a topic that we recently discussed, but this is only one of the hazards that construction workers face when they head in to work. These dangers are pretty well-known, but that doesn't stop these men and women from doing the work that enables us to have places to live, buildings for businesses and roads to travel on.

We understand that no workplace is 100 percent safe. Even jobs that seem safe do have some risks associated with them. Construction work just has a few more than other jobs, but there are ways that these workers can be kept as safe as possible.

The heavy machinery, such as cranes and dump trucks, is some of the hazards that these workers face. They can be crushed by heavy equipment, get stuck between a machine and something else or things can fall from the machine and pose a hazard. In all of these cases, there is a chance that the workers can suffer serious injuries. Some of the injuries might be so severe that the worker dies.

Workers in any industry who are injured might seek workers' compensation benefits. For the people who work in the construction injury, workers' compensation might not be the only avenue they have. There are instances when the accident is caused by defective equipment or supplies. In those cases, the worker might choose to file a third-party claim against the manufacturer of the item.

Any worker who is injured should make sure that he or she seeks out medical care. If they have to miss work due to the accident, there is a chance that their finances will suffer, which might lead to the need to seek wage replacement income.

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