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Infections related to urinary catheters are serious

People who have urinary catheters face some serious risks of infection. It is imperative that the catheter is handled in a sanitary manner and that proper procedures are followed. For people who are new to this type of intervention and those who are in the hospital might not know what to look for when they are having this procedure done.

Lax safety procedures can lead to construction worker deaths

Construction safety is something that must be followed with precision. When proper safety measures aren't followed, tragedy can occur. Two construction workers died hours apart at two Manhattan sites due to falls recently. These falls highlight the need of all construction sites to have proper safety gear and insist that proper protocol is followed.

Amputations in construction sites are serious injuries

One of the things that you must think about when you are in the construction industry is staying safe when you are working around equipment. Some equipment, such as power saws, are very dangerous. You have to be sure you can use the equipment safely before you operate it each and every time. If you get injured, you might opt to file a claim for workers' compensation or a third-party lawsuit.

Injuries from unsafe products can adversely affect your life

When you assume that products aren't dangerous if they are being used as intended, you might find that you are wrong. If a trusted brand fails and injures you, it's a breach of trust. You can be left with horrible injuries as a result of some defective product.

Measures to Reduce New York Construction Worker Injuries

In a continuing series by the New York Times, David W. Chen has reported on recent developments within the New York City Construction Industry on the topic of work related injuries and fatalities: Mr. Cheng reports that despite industry wide and legislative recognition of the need to improve safety measures, a proposed bill seeking to require mandatory safety training for construction workers remains stalled due to the lobbying efforts of Project Owners and Project Developers.

Were you struck in the head in a construction accident?

One of the most common dangers to workers on a construction site is the ever-present threat of falling objects, especially when the project involves scaffolding. While construction site injuries come in many shapes and sizes, the injuries one suffers when he or she is struck on the head can be difficult to understand and explain to coworkers, superiors and family members.

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