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Construction work involves very dangerous equipment and work sites. These workers face the risk of injury and death each time they show up for work. It is imperative that employers take steps to reduce the risk of accidents, but it is still possible that construction accidents might occur.

There are some situations and equipment that are more dangerous than others. Construction workers who are around these should be extra cautious. Here are some points to consider if you work in a construction zone:

The fatal four

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration identifies four types of accidents that have the highest fatality rates. Falls are overwhelmingly the most common cause of deaths in the construction industry. Being struck by objects, being electrocuted, and being caught in between objects round out the fatal four.

Using proper safety measures, such as having harnesses for workers who are working at higher levels, can help to reduce the risk of workers being involved in one of these accidents. Other safety measures include using lock out/tag out procedures for electrical components and wearing brightly colored clothing to make you easily visible. Many construction companies use spotters for large equipment so that the risk of workers being struck by this equipment or being caught between equipment and something else is reduced.

Dangerous equipment

Using certain equipment can increase the risk of injury, especially if it isn't used properly or if the equipment is defective. Think about the injuries that could occur if scaffolding is defective. Workers could end up falling from considerable heights because of the defective scaffold.

Other equipment that is dangerous includes power tools, harnesses and similar items. In these cases, workers should be trained properly to handle the equipment safely. The tools and equipment should be inspected before use to ensure that everything is still in good condition.

There are some cases in which defective equipment might actually be able to lead to a third-party claim. These claims would seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective item. The claims are handled in civil court and might be resolved through a trial or through a settlement.

No matter what, you should make sure that you get the medical care you need after a construction accident. Even if you don't notice the problem right away, you should still get care when you do realize that something isn't right. Ultimately, taking care of your health is of utmost importance.

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