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As consumers, we tend to think that all of the products we purchase are safe. This isn't the case. There are some products that aren't safe simply because of the nature of the product. These products are considered unavoidably unsafe.

One reason why a product might be considered unavoidably safe is because the company has taken all the steps possible for the product to be made safer, but there are still considerable safety risks that can't be prevented.

For example, a table saw is unavoidably unsafe because there isn't a way that saw could remain safe and still be able to complete its intended functions. In these cases, ensuring that there are proper usage instructions and warning in the manual can help to keep consumers safe.

Consumers who are injured might still choose to seek compensation for injuries that occur when they are using the product in a safe manner and in accordance with the intended usage guidelines. There are several points that need to be considered in these cases. Understanding these can help you to prepare.

One of the things to look for is whether there was a way to alter the product to make it safer without taking away from the functionality of the product. In order to call this into question, the alternative option would have to be feasible to implement, which means that it wouldn't be financially or logistically prohibitive.

Another thing to consider is that the wording of the instructions and warnings can matter. If they aren't clear or are missing something important, there is a chance that you can use that in a claim.

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