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The last thing that people on the streets of New York need is someone driving in an unsafe manner. One thing that can impact a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely is being overly tired. A drowsy driver is a dangerous driver.

There are several ways that drivers can ensure that they aren't driving while they are too tired. One of these is to get enough sleep before they drive. Ideally, the driver will sleep at least eight hours before getting behind the wheel. This isn't always possible so using other techniques, such as opening the window for fresh air or having someone else drive, might be necessary to make it to the destination safely.

A driver might also opt to take a short power nap if they start to feel fatigued when they are on the road. Finding a safe place to pull over is necessary. Once the driver is in a safe spot, sleeping for 15 to 20 minutes might give them an energy boost. Stopping and walking around for a bit might also help.

Some newer vehicles have technology that can help to alert drivers when they are exhibiting symptoms of fatigue. While these are an excellent tool to use, drivers shouldn't rely solely on this technology. Instead, they should use common sense about what is going on as they drive.

Drowsy drivers can cause serious accidents. They might strike pedestrians, run over bicyclists or slam into other vehicles. Injuries might occur in these accidents. The people who are injured might choose to seek compensation for the injuries that they suffered.

Source: State Farm, "Avoid This Potentially Fatal Driving Condition," accessed Aug. 18, 2017

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