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Construction accidents often pull the victim away from the job they count on to pay bills and care for their family members. One type of accident that can occur on a construction site is a fall. This is a serious type of accident that can lead to death in the most serious cases.

Falls in construction situations are almost always preventable. Proper training and equipment can go a long way toward preventing these accidents. Workers can't be expected to provide their own safety equipment or to train themselves. Instead, these burdens fall on the employer.

Remember the six-foot rule

The six-foot rule is that any worker who is six feet or more above the lower level must have safety equipment to prevent a fall. This can include a personal fall arrest system or similar safety gear. It is imperative that all of the safety equipment that is used is inspected before each use. Any equipment that isn't in good shape should be tagged out until it is repaired or replaced.

Falls can occur in a number of places

Falls can occur from a variety of locations. Roofs, stairs, ladders and scaffolding are some of the places a person might fall from. One thing that has a big impact on the severity of injuries a person suffers in a fall is the medium that the person falls onto. Typically, falls onto a concrete surface will result in more serious injury than a fall onto grass. The height of the fall and any objects that are struck on the way down can also have an impact on the severity of the injuries.

Injury type varies

The most serious thing that can happen when a person falls is death. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are also possible. Sprains, strains, torn muscles, and broken bones are possible when a person falls. Back injuries, which account for just a bit over 13 percent of injuries in falls, are common. Knee injuries and ankle injuries are also possible. In many cases, the person who falls will need emergency medical attention and might have to take time off work.

One thing that many people don't realize is that third-party claims are often possible in construction accidents. Many people focus on workers' compensation. However, third party claims are possible if the fall was due to a defect in equipment. For example, a worker who is injured because of a defective ladder, that person can turn to the ladder manufacturer for compensation for their injury.

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