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Construction workers can face several hazards at work. Some of these dangers can lead to traumatic brain injuries. A construction worker who has a traumatic brain injury might not be able to return to work until the injury heals. In some cases, the worker might not ever be able to return to work. Understanding some basic points regarding these injuries might help workers who suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

#1: Symptoms might not appear right away

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury might show up right away. However, some symptoms might take days or weeks to appear. Victims of construction accidents, such as hits to the head, falls or similar incidents, should be vigilant about watching for symptoms. These include a headache, dizziness, vomiting, feeling out of sorts and ringing in the ears. Any symptoms that might be the result of a brain injury require an evaluation from a medical professional.

#2: Proper diagnosis and treatment are crucial

Workers who suffer a traumatic brain injury need to get a proper diagnosis. This involves speaking to a doctor about what happened and undergoing any necessary diagnostic tests the doctor thinks are necessary. Once the doctor makes a diagnosis, a treatment plan can begin. This might include invasive procedures to remove pressure from the brain. It can also include mediation and therapy options to help the patient overcome the effects of the injury or learn how to compensate for the effects.

#3: Effects can be considerable

The effects of a traumatic brain injury vary greatly. Trouble with memory, difficulty using the hands and problems with communication are all possible effects. The effects of a traumatic brain injury depend on the location and severity of the injury. Injuries that impact larger areas of the brain are more likely to produce effects that are more difficult to live with.

#4: Treatments are often lengthy

Treating a traumatic brain injury isn't quick and easy. Instead, a worker with a traumatic brain injury might have months or years of therapy and treatment to endure. In some cases, working while the treatment is ongoing isn't possible. In these cases, the worker and worker's family members might have to deal with the loss of income that can come with these serious injuries.

#5: Compensation might be possible

Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries as a whole. For construction workers, falls might be the result of defective scaffolding or safety equipment. Workers who have a traumatic brain injury because of a defective product used at the work site might opt to pursue a third-party claim for compensation from the manufacturer of the defective item.

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