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Construction worker deaths spike in New York

Construction workers are in danger of injury each day that they report to work. You would think that with the new technologies that are being developed on a regular basis that construction work would be much safer. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Instead, construction workers are still very much at risk of being injured at work.

What is happening with medical malpractices claims recently?

People who are injured by a medical professional might choose to seek compensation for the damages they suffered. This isn't a ploy to get rich quick. Instead, it is a way to help get the financial means to pay for things that you need but didn't prepare for because you never expected to get hurt by a medical professional.

Know what options you have when you are hurt at work

Construction accidents can lead to a host of issues for the workers who are injured. We recently discussed how traumatic brain injuries can impact the victims who have to live with the effects. For construction workers, a brain injury can lead to the loss of their job. It can lead to considerable medical bills and troubles in every area of life. When a brain injury occurs while a work is doing his or her job, workers' compensation might be possible.

5 things to know about traumatic brain injuries

Construction workers can face several hazards at work. Some of these dangers can lead to traumatic brain injuries. A construction worker who has a traumatic brain injury might not be able to return to work until the injury heals. In some cases, the worker might not ever be able to return to work. Understanding some basic points regarding these injuries might help workers who suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

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